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Default To holmertz: Not yet ended

Thank you Gert,

In 1990, the beguinage of Diksmuide became the property of a non-profit organisation (organisation 'vzw De Lovie'), a center for counseling for people with intellectual disabilities.
Since then, the beguinage houses twenty adult men and women with intellectual disabilities which is considered to be a good contemporary function in line with its age-old destination.

In Belgium people with a lot of money opt for houses with a lot more space inside and around their house, I think.
It would be more alternative people who want to live in that kind of housing.

I confess I have no idea how the residents were selected. The ability to live independently will have been a requirement of course.

Since this beguinage is very small, these are my only pictures.
I'm sorry but you will have to make do with more photos of North Macedonia
I still have a lot of pictures of that country.
However, I'm slowly dreaming of starting a new series.

Maybe I select too often based on what I find interesting and maybe too little based on photo quality ...

Kind regards,
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