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Default To PixelTerror: Live in Kuala Lumpur

Hi Jean,
I didn't go for a real holiday for 13 years. Then in 2005 I decided to take a one month trip to Europe. Bought a camera just before the trip. Unfortunately, I had no practice with the camera. Made a lot of mistakes. Discovered TE & learned something called PP & USM sharpening from the critiques. But I was hooked on the Alps (I mean I was hooked before in the early 80s) & regretted not spending enough time in the mountains. So last year (2006) I took another one month holiday. I planed for 14 hikes but only managed to do 11 because of bad weather. Other than from those two holidays I take almost no pictures ... except photos of family & family gathering. Somehow Kuala Lumpur does not provide me with enough motivation to bring my camera out. I took a trip to the Malaysian island of Langkawi a few months back. After a few shots my camera broke down. Maybe I have one or two shots I can upload to TE. Sorry, I'm just a holiday photographer. Regards. Latiff.

PS: If everything goes well I will do the 14 days hut to hut walk on the "Tour du Mont Blanc" next year in August.
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