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Default Re: To prezntime: You got it!

Well, when i first joined the site, I posted alot of critiques. Now, I was a little too shy to give honest and sometimes negative critiques...I'm working on that. The points have alot to do with how many people you critique. That is good and bad. I have met very many friends due to the words exchanged...and very many of those people appreciate an honest critique when given now...I understand that. A photo has to contain alot of outstanding qualities to get many points without critiques given...a sortof generic quality I think...for the most part. Then again, a photo of truly great quality can generate many points without any provocation, but that is rare. In no way are points a reflection of the quality of the photographs...people who are looking for good shots will find them.
I will say, I wanted as many people to look at my shots as possible..that way I will get the most feedback. The only way to do that is critique other shots...I have only been taking photos as long as I have been on TE so it is all a learning experience.
If you see photos and your mind comes up with words, say something...if not, stick to your guns. It is up to you what you get and give from/to this site.

Thanks again friend,
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