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Default Re: To prezntime: You got it!

Hallo Chris,
Sorry for answering so lately. It was a period with very few time for enjoyable things.I read your posting and then forgot to reply.:(
You must be definitely right. This is also a platform on which giving and taking are somehow balanced.Otwerwise you must be lucky enough to meet the right people with your photos. Especially if they're not main stream ones.
It's actually like any other community which is based on communication. You must be open, political and socialable in order to get what you want from this community.
You're also right when saying, photos with outstandig qualities come in anyway with good points. Although I haven't seen much from such photos with huge points of which poster with under 1000 points or so. Anyway, it's good to see what's going on in photography world and how good also the amateurs can be.
I wish you all the best Chris


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