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Default To elroyie: And this with a 28-135!

I don't know if my hand was particularly steady or if shooting RAW gives me better control over the finished product or simply that the god's were smiling on me yesterday. The details are remarkably fine. Thanks for sharing your observations Elroyie.

I just took delivery this afternoon of two modestly priced L lenses, the 17-40 f4 and the 70-200 f4. The results from my first experiments with the telephoto are very exciting to me. The lens is remarkably sharp with a gorgeous bokey. I'm excited to play with them but I'm awaiting delivery of the lens filters.

There is a fine sale at the moment in the United States with rebates whose value increases if you buy more than one item. I couldn't resist the temptation, joining with a friend who wanted a Digital Rebel. We bought the Rebel and two lenses, saving a bundle. I'm smiling at the moment. I'll never catch up to you in the equipment department, which is fine. It certainly is a delight, however, to work with good equipment. You'll see the results in the coming weeks, no doubt.
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