To pboehringer: :))

  • Peter :))

    first of all, sorry for the late response, I was in Chicago for a few days, right now getting ready for a week in Utah, and trying to fit some work in between :)
    second - wow. I mean, WOW. it is an honour to be on the list of your favourites. I consider you and Henk my "landscape photography mentors" :) so having such a praise from you means a lot. thank you :))))

    about the comfort zone and all that - I agree entirely that it is better to be really good at one thing than mediocre at many things. landscapes are my first love, I don't think anything will change that. at the same time I want to know what else is there, photographically speaking :) may be there's something I'll really like, so why not take a look.

  • Re: To pboehringer: :))
    First of all I wasn't expecting any replay, so please do not fell obliged to excuse for being late. Late for what anyway? Not to come to California or the Painted Hills but going to this place called Utah? What do you want there? You only will see a lot of red stones ;-)) Which part of Utah are you going. I just came back from there. My wife and I had an incredible week in the 4-Corners area and despite not being a photographic tour I got the chance to get some meaningful images.
    Second you don't need to flatten me with remarks like some Dutch guy and I are your mentors. You have this seldom will to listen, study, dedicate, be tenacious, learn, experiment and come up with a soaring developement. It was about time to be humble and recognize this and have you in my personal 'Hall of Fame'.