To rlrad: Gidday Reed

  • Gidday Reed

    So good to hear from you, how the hell are you mate? Hope you're keeping well. Sounds like you're certainly keeping "well-watered".

    Have a couple of cold ones for me, it's a little early for that over here

    Thanks for the critique. Stay well.

  • I'm around...
    I continue to take inspiration from everyone here as I never turned off the e-mail notification of my favorites, so I have to look and sometimes one really jumps out at me and I have to spout off something.

    Going to a photography seminar and "safari" all day tomorrow - don't know how a "safari" in downtown St. Louis is going to work, but I guess I'll find out. It will be a nice break from the product and real estate shots I've been saddled with of late, and hopefully it will get me ready to take a nice trip out west at the end of the month. We'll see how good eBay is to me over the next couple of nights - I'd like to be able to stay in hotels along the way!

    So, I've noticed a slight departure of late when it comes to your work, Lisa. You have switched over to patterns from long shutter speeds - you are the queen of the night shot - you are already establishing yourself with these patterns. I really liked the past three a hell of a lot - the one from yesterday and the day before I saw on my telephone and meant to look at them a little better - didn't get to it 'til today!

    Anyway, I'll be around - perhaps something exciting will happen tomorrow (hope it doesn't involve bullets or blades) and I'll have something interesting to share myself.

    Best Regards,