To alana: Interesting try

  • Hello,

    Thanks for your interest.
    I admit that a little more saturation and sharpening would help.
    But in that case, to my point of view, you went too far because it really changed the color of the sky and the rocks, which are now very far from the reality.
    I had a look to some of your pictures. They are very interesting because they have a distinct style. Are you using a filter and/or a polarizer to get this effect ?

    I do not have artistic talent in photography. Therefore I only try to capture the image the best I can. Then I alter the picture only to come as close as possible from what it looked like in real. Then, if the light is fade, with no contrast, I concentrate on closeup but do not try to capture the landscape anyway and twist it afterwhile. It is only another approach of photography I think...