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Great jrj 2004-06-24 4:02

A wonderful setting for this peaceful very appealing panorama. I like it very much, the mood, the nature, the people included. Very good Craig.

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Default To jrj: Something wrong Craig?

After leaving my critic I was in for another look, just 'cause' i liked the pix...

...and I do not understand the stat. that says (at the moment): 2 have left a critic, while 31 have seen this panorama.

I take the opportunity again: Many of you out there who register as members: Why not leave a little bit of comments or critiq? Or (for what I care): Drop your membership - I know TE pixses are to be seen for anyone. But membership can only live by a 2-way deal. Display your pix and use some of your daily quote of critics! This is how the game is played.

(I know that also 'viewings' by non members are registered - but again 'scuse' me - I have a problem to understand that so many from the 'outside' should see just this recently presented pix. Especially if I today or any other day can register that up to 50% of the visitors have left their critiqs/comments to some photos...)

Sorry Craig - nothing to do with your photo, but a general frustration from my side...

All for the sake of some more activity from the >6.000 members who presently live by the 80/20 rule: That is 20% of the members represent 80% of all activities - displaying photos and using their daily quote of critics...)

;-) Jack
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Old 06-23-2004, 09:59 PM
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Default Re: To jrj: Something wrong Craig?

i'm with you on this one Jack, being a member who constantly runs out of points ;o) However somedays I only have the time to look, and even if I deside I'll come back and comment I often forget since every 30 seconds there is a new interesting shot here.
Your point is true and wellmade :o)

Cheers Line
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Old 06-24-2004, 06:59 PM
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Default Re: To jrj: Something wrong Craig?

I appreciate both the time you took to comment and the fact that you expressed the frustration of quite a few people. In their defense (and honestly mine at times)when I browse, I normally only have five to ten minutes at a time in my work schedule to look at images and sometimes it can be a month between log-ons. I will not leave a useless comment, and when I do, I work very hard to make a valid comment. Because of that( and because I suck at writing), I only try to view things I have time to comment on.

Just the fact that there are that 20% out there can be an enormous help to motivating a few others so please dont throw in the towel. A lot of times my whole purpose for posting is not to get the comments but to put something out there that may spark an idea in someone else. When I look at the images, I am looking for something to help kick start me.

As much as I hate the quickie looks good comment, at times something is better than nothing. I have one image that has 323 views and only 2 comments. I take that to be that people dont like it or it didnt grab them. Thats fine. But where am I going wrong in reaching people? Every now and then, it would be nice to know why.

Being a supervisor in a production studio, I have three of my photographers using this site to post photos, practice critiquing, getting critiques and for some motivation outside of my ramblings. So far it has been a great help. My biggest issue is the time it takes (a normal bosses lament).

Ps- this comment is a good example for me, it took four hours to do something this simple. In rereading this, it sounds like it too ;-)

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Old 06-24-2004, 07:17 PM
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Default Re: To jrj: Something wrong Craig?


Since you did all the work for me on this comment, I'll just say "Ditto." At least, a lot of what you said applies to me too. Line made good observations as well.

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