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Great bharat 2004-12-13 6:30

Dear Maciej,
Good framing, good composition.Good colors dominating by Blue color all over frame.
I will request you not to partioned any indian city into mouslim or hindu.I strongly object to this.Please revert in your note.Thanks,

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Default To bharat: parts of cities

hi Bharat,
but there are some parts of cities in India, which are mostly Mouslim. like this part, there was a mosque in the middle, most people there were Mouslims... the same in China for exampe, in Kunming there is a Mouslim district... or in Kuala Lumpur, there is Little India, Chinatown...
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Default Re: To maciekda: parts of cities

Dear maciekda,
yeah I undertstand your POV.There are places in india where you can find mosque and temple within 200 meters of distance.Putting mouslim or hindu or chiristina disintegrate my country (india) into realigious basis.Thanks,
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Old 12-13-2004, 02:27 PM
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Default Re: To bharat: parts of cities

sorry to interrupt..
i dont get the religious aspect from the note.. maybe it's been changed.
but bharat the fact is that there are lots of places in india which have certain religious concentrations. for example.. in delhi we have the nizamuddin area.. we all know that the place is muslim dominated and so is chandni chowk.. when one talkes about these ares as being dominated by muslims.. one doesn't have any perverse meaning attached to it. atleast whoever i've talked to..
nizammuddin is very famous for it's sufi music.. and sufi music is a part of the muslim culture.. also you get a lot of good stuff to eat that side( which you don't in other non muslim dominated places) it doesn't mean that we should stop talking about sufi music or similar cultural things which are religious centric..
i actually think in this country we should stop being touchy about religious issues.. i know you're being neutral and thats why you asked maciej not to mention the religous thing here (i didnt read it though) however i feel that in a way it is like pretending that religion doesn't exist..
instead i think it'll be much better if we all learn to accept that religion diversities exist instead of trying to run away from it.
what i mean is .. every religion is unique in its own way and it'll be nice if people can respect other religions.. however if we are paranoid about it then we won't be able to accept the special things about different religions either..
it is true that in india there are a lot of clashes between religions, especially between hindus and muslims, but most of these are caused by people who differentiate betwen religions in terms of WHICH ONE IS BETTER.. thats another way of differentiating.. however if you can learn to differentiate between religions in not such a perverse sense, maybe at least some kind of a solution to this problem can be found. if we jump at the slightest mention of religion then.. i have no idea if anything can be done about it.
personally i think religion is tr#sh.. because it like creating invisible walls.. but i know that these are just my feelings.. and so ive learnt to cull the best out of all the religions ..
i'm not bothered if maciej has mentioned that this is a muslim dominated area.. as long as it is not at the expense of any other religion..
take care :)
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Old 12-14-2004, 06:23 AM
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Default Re: To Sohrab: parts of cities

Yeah sohrab,
I did not mind as you interrrupted into thread.I do agree to all your points as mentioned in the last thread.I was requesting mackiej to mention name of the place,it would have better.The way you mentioned "Nizammuddin" area in your note itself tells about my point.
(being an indian i respect all religion.I had studied hindusim,buddhism,sufism and to add one more islam.All religion wil lead you one goal of life, i.e. to be better human being and help others.
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