To phwall: why you chose f/22

  • well Peter to be honest, I had my tripod with me and I did a try out.
    a very low speed and a high F. I wanted a sharp behind to, a sharp depth field. And I must say I think it was a succes.
    regard jaap
  • Re: Success
    Hello Jaap,
    Thank you for getting back to me.
    Yes, it was a huge success, the shot is beautiful.
    I thought the reason for f/22 may have been for the DOF but I wasn't sure. In my experience with my lenses when you use them at their extremities you get a drop-off in quality, in fact once I get past f/11 the quality drop-off is very noticable. Not so with your superb 17mm-40mm.
    It is a lovely shot, congratulations once again.

    Warm wishes