I quit...

  • First, Happy New Year!! Let's hope the problems will be somehow solved!

    Wow, how fortunate I am. Three mods are discussing with me, and who I am? But I appreciate it very much. Thanks. And Andrew understood what I meant perfectly. I was sarcastic and ironic. But I care (still) for this site, I don't want to be aggresive.
    I am thinking about some arguments for my POV but New Year's morning is a bit hard for this. So at the moment some numbers - I am physicist, so I like numbers and am looking for the logical explanation of observed facts.
    New members - maybe here is the point. Mods (or IB) POV - there are a lot of new members, no reason to worry. My POV - in December came 768 new registered members (25 pages times 30 plus 18). All of them in one month posted 373 photos and 422 critics. Most of them have no photos, no critics. Why do they register ? I noticed only a few persons that could be active membersin future but I haven't see their photos, just they posted something and commented.

    About senior members - later.