To jemaflor: it's a phone!

  • Recent Samsung phones (and not only those but for those I am sure) have these panoramic modes- wide lenses with equivalent field of view to 10 or 12 mm on 35. But with very good distortion control etc. Recent ones (not like my dinosaur) also have decent sensors and a growing array of manual controls, some even touting manual focus! Ah, I feel the end of an era...ok, depth of field and dynamic range are not there yet- but they do "magik"- they stack photos, they make automatic mosaics moving the sensor around just like making a large poster by taping together four smaller shot, four exposures with almost no overlap or motion needed- so from a measly 20 Mpix sensor you get a 20X4 ...full 80 Mpix photo or thereabouts..and AI that specially defocuses and shoots for "bokeh" by auto-masking the subject from the main camera and overlapping the blurry background from another camera.. I saw these in my brother-in-law's more recent phone.. I am amazed where they are now..I will eventually get one but I'll never let go of my standard cameras, may they be mirorrless or compacts or even dSLRs.
  • Interesting ...
    Thanks, Interesting details, it's true that the quality and photo possibilities of mobile phones are evolving... a real competition for digital SLRs and then on the practical side, the volume is much less bulky.


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