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Old 11-28-2017, 06:28 PM
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Angry beta TrekEarth

Yes I know. IB does not support the beta TrekEarth. However many of members keep using it because it has features which were not properly fixed in the new TrekEarth.

Fix properly the new TrekEarth and we won't need beta version. OR keep supporting beta if you don't know how to fix new TE....

The most important feature which was never properly solved was the size of the photo vs its sharpness. The new version allows to upload bigger size photos but it decreases their size to small size 790 or something. Sometimes it is hard to predict how it will look after the size decrease. And it differs when using different browsers. As a result some people tell me "your photo is not sharp" while other talking about the same photo say "it is crispy sharp".
Surprisingly it is not the case for beta TE. How was it possible to achieve then?
Depending on the size one uses different brightness and trims it differently too.
I don't want to upload too high quality photos to avoid them being stolen by other people. It is a problem since uploading smaller size means they are being decreased in size even more and their quality suffers the most.
A possible solution to that problem is to allow to display photos as they are.
I don't know how to do it, but whoever is in charge of websites should know it right? Alternatively increase the display size and but tell us exactly what the size is so we prepare the photo exactly in the size it is going to be displayed...

Another feature I miss in the new TrekEarth is that it does not display the number of points for given photo as it is done in beta version. Such an easy fix!

I know the point 1 may be not easy but then at least support the beta version.
What really annoys me is when I upload a photo through new TE, like today and its miniature icon does not get copy to the beta TE. In the end whoever uses beta TE (most old members) will not see the icon and will not be tempted to click on it.
See here -the first photo icon is not visible. This happened to me before. It also happened to me with the same photo yesterday that is why I deleted it and uploaded today again with the same result.

Some members keep complaining that they are not able to update their profile.Look at emka's profile: it always showed her plans, now it shows she plans to go to Sweden in 2015.

while uploading a photo there is always an error message. However I notice that there are two types of errors happening.
Either upon clicking submit I get error message saying "Invalid..." but the photo is uploaded, just the name of the town and note are not copied over, so I have to edit it again. This happens most of the time since many years now.
Or occasionally there is no error message but the note is not uploaded as typed but for example all the links are erased.

Notifications about somebody answering to your comment have never worked in new TE. You can either switch it on and get notification for everything which is annoying or off and you will never know if someone answered to your comment.
It has never been fixed from the beginning of new TE.

Well I realize that not may people get through the whole text, and IB does not care but since I got annoyed about point 3 few moments ago, I thought I will share my thoughts.

Good night
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Old 11-28-2017, 06:41 PM
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Another thing which never worked on TE was the link "next photo" or "previous photo". You will never know where it will take you. I am ashamed to show this site to my friends because when they want to watch the photos it takes them to strange other photos.
It would be so nice to have it fixed.For example it should say: other random photo, or next photo from this location, or next photo from this author, or preferably next photo from your search output...
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Old 11-29-2017, 07:37 AM
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I can't answer any of the techie issues, but in reply to item 2 about points not being displayed, that change was made in the hope that it would discourage those groups of members who seemed more interested in accumulating points than providing meaningful feedback. Whether it has been successful or not is open to debate.
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Old 11-29-2017, 08:50 PM
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Hi there,

I think some of these points can definitely be addressed by our tech team. In regards to uploads, we have a Unified File Uploader that would be awesome if we could get it up here (it's on some of our larger sites).

One of the big problems that has plagued TE is that it's essentially two sites, a forum and a photo gallery, fused together. While our tech team specializes in the forum aspect, the photo gallery is unique from the ones on all other sites, so problems with that aspect take longer to sort out.
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Old 11-30-2017, 08:45 PM
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Yest I think it explains a lot.
I thought that the forum has a secondary role here.
I think that this place, as a gallery, is quite unique. There are places where people show better quality photos, or have more freedom like Flickr where you can upload many photos. But the aspect of location combined with local maps is unique. That is why I though the world map could be also bigger but I think you already told me that it would require too big effort and will not be done.
This is an aspect which could attract people though. It is one more childish thing but I remember when on FB there was this option to fill the map of the world and paint where you have been: it was so popular!
The gallery has also accumulated a lot of material over time. Of course a lot of it is rubbish and if I could I would do some serious cleansing deleting some old low quality photos of members who uploaded one photo etc but I realize it has the advertising power to be able to say: "we had over time so many thousands members". Obviously there are many ways it could develop. The worst option is no development at all. I am here really because it is exactly what I was looking for. Some members clearly didn't fit in the past, but even they keep coming back. Although many of my friends have left, I usually strongly supported moderators decisions, the rules made it what it is.

No it was not successful. But I don't think it was a serious effort since the points are still there just less visible, plus the total points of the members are also still visible.
If someone is serious about it: lets get rid of any points at all. I don't mind.
On the other hand: is that really that disturbing? Yes it is obvious that there is a variety of photographers here. Usually the better ones leave at certain point. Number of points gives me a numerical feedback regarding the quality of my photo. Even though the feedback may be not honest, the lack of points means I did something wrong. I don't mind that people have sometimes a childish motivation here. Let's be honest: whoever uploads photos here must have something from a child. Everyone likes to be praised. Hints about photographic mistakes are given subtly but I do hear them.

I hope to win a lottery someday. I would buy TE and spend some time to revive it. I am not sure if it can generate money since the competition is quite high but it does create a value, it inspires.
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Old 02-06-2018, 08:33 AM
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Default Trekearth and its problems

The tech team tells us the problems encountered on the site are difficult to solve or even unsolvable, because it's a site for photos and forums, like 2 sites !
I am not a user of Facebook, but I know how it works. You can post photos, videos, forums and everything galore.
OK Trekearth hasn't got the financial means of facebook, but it seems that technically the problems are solvable !

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