beta TrekEarth

  • When I started this thread in 2017, I wrote as follows:

    Yes I know. IB does not support the beta TrekEarth. However many of members keep using it because it has features which were not properly fixed in the new TrekEarth.
    Fix properly the new TrekEarth and we won't need beta version. OR keep supporting beta if you don't know how to fix new TE....
    Sadly the day has come that we don't see the beta site, and the errors on the main site are still not addressed.
    There are only two available explanations: either the owners do not care about the website at all or they don't have technical skills to fix it.
    I suspect both may be true.

    Since this is the only wa we can communicate with IB via "Forum Feedback and Support"
    I would appreciate some answers from whoever runs this place about the future of this website.