To maurajn: Thx

  • thx for your critic! this is really a very interesting one!
    the fact is that I wondered on what to choose : colours or b&w and i did not pay attention to the symmetry. I put my back against the wall and I took the pic.
    actually i was not totally happy of the shot because of the doorway. but i could not do better, or this is what i thought!
    thanks again. regards, DAvid (waiting for your WS !!)
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    Workshop is there now, hope it helps.
  • Re: To maurajn: Thx
    nice workshop.
    i like the more horizontal lignes. ====
    i like the idea of getting out the left wall.
    but the second arch is not taken entire anymore.
    apart this problem, the work is a good one.
    regards, David
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    When I got to playing with the cropping, I felt that the full length of the stairs needed to be included on the right side, I think it would be distracting not to have them there. With one column completely gone, I feel the eye moves to the stairs and away from the arch, and as there is no attempt at symmetry, none is required... not sure if that makes sense or not, and it is just my own tastes... I've noticed taht symmetry and horizons are particularly important to me, as I view photos, but certainly not to the same degree to other people. It is fascinating to observe different tastes and also to identify my own tastes, great site this is, for all these reasons.