To batalay: Bev Dollittle.

  • Loved the image .. I am humbled and flattered that I even create a reminder of somebody with those skills. I bet we don't get the heart racing she experienced taking that ... I have not managed to photograph much wildlife well but when I do I always find things are so much more tranquil looking back in the living room .. Luckily? I live at least a good solid 600 miles from any Grizzlies .. We do have Mountain Lion, and Black Bears .. among carnivores .. and Elk, Moose, Deer, Bighorn Sheep, and the odd Mountain Goat among large herbivores .. I think it was one of the very humbling things about hiking in the woods alone .. knowing that you are at least in some degree part of the food chain .. but quite honestly it is the weather that by far causes the most death and injury in RMNP .. most commonly to day hikers not campers (they tend to have packed) .. it is the day hiker who throws on a wind breaker and hikes up the mountain and gets caught in a sudden storm and/or gets lost ... I am on my second summer of trying to photograph a moose .. we will see .. they are almost all over the continental divide .. (a long hour) .. so I only get sporadic attempts .. and then you have to find the right time and place ..

    thanks for your thoughts ..