To VeeJayCee: suggestions ..

  • Hi Vic,

    One of my favorite parts of living here is that in the summer I can drop the temperature 10 or 20 degrees by getting in my car and driving an hour up the mountains ..

    Well I get to appease at least a small part of my jealousy of where you get to shoot your images .. ..
    My younger brother called last weekend .. he is an up and coming corporate attorney (barrister - right?? ) for a big firm .. He makes like 5 times my income .. he and my wife have been conspiring .. and he is going to take me to the UK for a week in August as an early 40th birthday present .. my first time ever .. so I am looking for obscure wonderful suggestions to add to my list (that is already at about a four month trip) .. I have no idea where yet .. I won't get much of a chance to think about it for another couple weeks until I am through the school term. So far my main thoughts are Western Scotland .. maybe Cumbria .. maybe York .. those are the family roots ..

    take care,