Canon S5 IS

  • hi friends..
    how is this model of canon? please give your review
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    je possédai le modèle S2IS et c'était une merveille que je regrette. Le S5IS doit avoir été nettement amélioré. Il est léger et performant dans des situations difficiles.
    J'ai le sony bridge et je n'en suis pas très contente. Je préférai le canon
    bonne soirée
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    Sorry madam...

    please write in english so tht i can understand :)
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    I S2IS the model and it was a wonder that I regret. The S5IS must have been significantly improved. It is lightweight and powerful in difficult situations.
    I am sony bridge, and I am not very happy. I preferred the Canon
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    Hi John,
    My brother got it a few weeks ago and I played with it. It seems nicely built, it amazingly versatile with this huge zoom, although the wide end is not that wide (might not be a problem for your type of photgraphy). I think that it's a good camera.
    _ the "electronic viewfinder" is a bit crap
    _ quite noisy at ISO 400 and very noisy above (the lense is pretty fast, so it compensates for it a little bit)
    Hope that helps!
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    I agree with Nicholas's assessment; it's basically a good camera, if a bit bulky in compact terms. It has a spectacularly long zoom reach, and it has IS.

    Wide-angle could be better, and it's not an SLR in performance terms, particularly not at high ISO. The EVF's below par, but then most of the competition are poor too.

    Overall, it's one of the best "bridge" cameras out there at the moment IMO.

    The only thing you need to consider is whether it actually suits you or whether you'd be better off with a dSLR. For the same reach a dSLR would be a lot heavier and a lot more expensive though.

    Depends on what you're shooting really. If it's stuff in flight, go for the dSLR; otherwise it'll probably be fine for you.

    Check the samples on to get some idea of the image quality.

    The one thing we can't guess is whether the ergonomics will suit you, so try it first before you buy if possible!