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Good kaoru_ai 2005-01-11 3:49

I live in Japan, and am a Harajuku cosplayer. These guys are there not for cosplay or getting their pictures taken, they are there to hand out bills (flyers) to promote their band to the people that congregate on the bridge. You see that a lot there.

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Default To kaoru_ai: The flyers guys

Hello Lauran!

Thank you for the comment!
I don't know if you are that girl, but if you are, I'll check all my shots and see if I can find one with you (well, in my 4 months in Japan, almost weekend @ Harajuku, well, probably someday I took your picture one time).

Sometimes I got flyers in Japan, but usually I can't understand any word (maybe a few words)... My japanese knowledge is very restrict (worse than my english), so I made that mistake... I believe most of 'gaijins' think they are there for cosplay too. :-)

Thanks a lot!

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Old 01-12-2005, 11:21 AM
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Default Re: To kaoru_ai: The flyers guys

Ahaha, yes, I am that girl. Funny how you found my photo, ahaha ^_^. Uhm, I do a lot of cosplay, and I keep a website, so you can feel free to look at my photos if you like:
It should make it easy if you might have any pictures of me.
Which months were you in Japan?
Generally, me and my friends would be on the other side of the bridge, the small side of the bridge.
I am just curious, why do you think we do this?
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Old 01-13-2005, 01:31 PM
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Default Re: To kaoru_ai: The flyers guys

Hummm, same day I found your photo I already found your website, but my company internet firewall blocked all images. I need to check it at home. :-) You can find anything about anybody in the internet... :-) Just look for your nickname in any search engine, like Google or Altavista.

I was in Japan:
- from 27/03/2004 to 23/04/2004
- from 27/05/2004 to 16/07/2004
- from 30/09/2004 to 29/10/2004
... and maybe I'll return someday...

Well, some guys started a discussion in one of my shots about 'why they do that?'. Well, I don't know exactly why, but I can guess:
- you like it;
- you can find other people that like it (like me);
- you can find other people that like it and do it (like your friends);
- you can be different in a world where everyone is almost equal, do the same stuff, follow the same rules, the same patterns.

Well, is difficult to say why, actually I believe is so difficult as explain why I take shots or draw or write, why I started with all these hobbies? And how all them became part of my life and I can't imagine my life without them? Why I never ever imagine to be in Japan and after a few trips I believe I can't live without thinking 'when will I return?'. :-)

Well, I think is this... :-) I'll try to find in the weekend a shot with you... I'm having to many tests at university this week so I just get at home and study study and study (some people, specially in Japan, don't believe that I work and study at the same time...).

See ya girl,


(Ps.: nice hair in your intro :-))
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