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Great rigoletto 2008-09-05 10:22

I've seen your reply to me and visited the threads with Jerzy and Danos.
Now I fully understand the issue, and your note here supports my understanding furthermore.
You say that you are not a photojournalist, you are a doctor in UN, working in the bleeding areas of our world, and any of the heroes of your photos may be killed at any time...
"Losing time with fotkas versus a photojournalistic ethical dilemma...", the main argument i've witnessed in TE between photographers with different styles...
So, are you asking for the permission to quit presenting UN army's daily life photos, and start printing landscapes and cityscapes?
OK, why not? If you feel guilty for the things we request to see from you, you can change your priority, and i would never ask for any portraits or photos from Lebanon or Afghanistan any more. This is only and only your decision and niether Jerzy, nor I, nor anyone else has the right to decide what you are going to take and present here.
While we were talking like that, we were in demand of seeing some originality in TE's general concept, a different, and a very essential blood in TE's mainstream photographic style. Because in thousands of members in TE, only YOU have the chance to present some very very different things to us, and you have been doing this in a superb way up to now. Not only soldiers and miners, you also presented great portraits and daily life scenes of Afghan people and also people form Beiruth. This has been your main difference from anyone else in TE, and who else will show those to us?
Having those ideas about your photography in my mind, i was of course never aware of your ethical dilemma, and the troubles you have in mind. Well, i think this is the difficulty of people photography, a difficulty that you will never face while taking long exposure photos on tripod. And if this difficulty is becoming a burden for you, of course you are free to get to the landscape side. Who is gonna stop you for their selfish photographic demands?

For the photo: again a very dramatic moment in your daily life for sure. My deep respect and condolences for the firefighters, miners and soldiers who lost (and keep losing) their lives for the sake of peace and safety on earth.

The last but not the least: Peace on earth is the most difficult thing to maintain, therefore it is the most valuable thing ever in the history of humanity. Peace...


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Default To rigoletto: I know Deniz

I admire your skills because you do not even need a real story to shoot a superb picture.
It's just that i try to diversify because it is the only way to progress. Even if I'm "lucky" to get some good action shots.
So for the sake of it, be patient with me (... Jerzy ;o)..)
Best wishes
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