To daddo: Visiting Croatia

  • Namaste Klaudio
    "Maybe you were the first Indian to visit the country."...I had a good smile reading your comment...and felt like Livingstone . Croatia is not one of the 'hot' destinations for Indians, but I don't think I would be the 1st Indian there :-).

    I did not realise you were from Croatia otherwise for sure I would have asked you for travel tips. Indeed we had a fantastic time in your homeland...Rovinj -Pula - Plitvice - Trogir - Split - Hvar - Ston – Dubrovnik– Perast – Kotor – Njegusi – Rijeka Crnojevica – Budva (MNE)–Buna – Mostar (BIH) -Šibenik – Krka waterfals – Zadar– Zagreb ...wonderful people, wonderful beauty!

    Where is your homeland in Dalmatia?
  • Biograd na Moru
    Namaste Angshuman. I was born not far from Zadar, in Biograd na Moru (Biograd by the Sea) as distinct from another Biograd not by the sea. My mother was born in Split, my father in Zadar, in the Albanian enclave of Arbanasi. Looking at the list of places you visited, you have seen more than me in Croatia. I am interested to know whether you planed the itinerary to if it was an organised tour from India. Best wishes,
  • You would have visited Zadar, I guess before the Salutation to the sun & the Morske orgulje...2 delightful installations by Nikola Basic.

    We never do organised tours from India, but do the planning ourselves. We plan the places we want to visit & talk to some local tour operator (in the country we plan to visit), check their ratings, reviews & decide. The operator arranges for all the local costs, Hotel bookings (we tell them the category & location of Hotels...we also check from Tripadvisor the shortlisted names), car, travel, internal flights if any & we pay him either in cash when we reach or pay some advance before, through wire.

    In the case of Croatia trip, we knew a Slovenian tour guide cum operator very friend has used his services earlier for Eastern Europe & Slovenia as well. We were delighted that we went with him....