To holmertz: Normal budget?

  • Hi Gert and thanks for the comments. We would never normally stay in a place like the Hotel Siglo! All our accommodation was booked by an agent in Reykjavik. and we had no idea what was in store for us. To balance out the luxury of the Siglo, we endured a couple of 2-star places, which were not only tiny and uncomfortable, but the breakfast was horrible. So I suppose it all averaged out in the end! It was just a pleasant surprise when we arrived in Siglufjorder after an arduous day's driving along difficult windy roads and through one-lane tunnels several kilometres long. But, you are right about everything in Iceland being very expensive. We nearly choked on the price of a simple meal on the first day in Reykjavik. but decided we weren't going to live on bread and cheese. It's a wonderful country and the scenery is astounding.