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My New Year's resolution....

I want to be that guy in there!!!

No more... No less...

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Copyright: George Grabarczyk (Polonaise) (18354)
Date Taken: 1990-12
Theme(s): Canadians [view contributor(s)]
Original date submitted: 2007-01-03 11:39
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rhizomes (15093)
[2007-01-03 11:40]

Hi George,
Impressive work on the colors and composition ! Ice looks great !

Cormac (19469)
[2007-01-03 11:46]

Essence of Canada! Especially the beer can - after all, what is ice-fishing without alcohol? Great use of the wide angle to give this view, with the close up of the ice and the house in the background. Excellent!

lestans (8398)
[2007-01-03 11:58]

No such resolutions, George!!!

Thank you for this beautiful picture! I feel cold looking at it!! Fantastic colors, fantastic ice texture!

Have a great new year, my friend!!


pgorod (1108)
[2007-01-03 12:37]

George, I really like your old photos, this one included... but it makes me curious, have you been taking pictures lately? Keep it up, don't waste your talent... :-)

Anyway, this one could be a commercial for that beer (no, it's a Cola). It looks attractive, in a rough kind of way...

Gustaw (10306)
[2007-01-03 12:51]

Kolejne twoje ciekawe zdjecie. Ladna ramka. Chociaz temu panu mogles nie ucinac glowy. Z cala wyszloby lepiej. Dobre ostre kolory. Moze sie podobac.

andante (5538)
[2007-01-03 13:35]

great resolution! love the low point of view mixed with the wide-angle: very dramatic!

jeanguy (671)
[2007-01-03 13:41]

Bonsoir george, j'adore cette composition et elle m'a permis de voir le reste de vos photos publi嶪s, c'est impressionnant et tr鋊 touchant;
Merci donc de le partager avec nous. Amicalement. JG.
Hi george, I like this composition and it enabled me to see your other photos published,Well it's impressive and very touching; Thanks for sharing with us. Amicalement. JG.

Baileys (669)
[2007-01-03 13:50]

Punkt widzenia bardzo interesujacy ;-) i ciekawie sugerujacy mozliwa interpretacje zdjecia. Prawie mozna poczuc to przenikliwe i wszechogarniajace zimno, jak dobrze ze jest czym sie rozgrzac...
Takiej swiadomosci, niekoniecznie jedynie z puszka piwa zwiazanej, zyczylabym nie tylko sobie na nowy rok.

ben4321 (8287)
[2007-01-03 14:53]

In an ideal world, you wouldn't have chopped off the top of the guy's head, and that would be beer in the can and not cola. An ice cold beer on an ice cold day.
It's an unusual image, and the bringing of these seemingly random elements together raises a few questions.
What was he doing sitting out there on the ice? Fishing?
Why is that drink out of his reach? Maybe it was yours?
What's that strange hut thing? It looks a bit like it's mounted on skis.
It all has a rather surreal quality to it that I rather like.
Very intriguing.


seb_p (433)
[2007-01-03 16:28]

You manage to create great compositions. Looks like every elements is thought out. The quality of the image is also perfect. everything is there. simply love it. thanks for sharing


sarju (5274)
[2007-01-03 17:03]

Hey George
I am amazed to see the consistency with which you keep posting these highly povocatively inciting photos. A photo taken way back in 1995 ... wow
Very impressed by your style of photography Sir ... a very useful lesson indeed.
If would'nt have cut the head of the person, but looking at your photo .. I think it is a very good idea as it provokes more emotions ... Wow .. a very good one indeed
thanks for sharing this one
cheers .... Sarju

faubry (20447)
[2007-01-03 19:08]

Hello George, very beautiful composition, great capture cold color!! i like a lot
happy new year

KevRyan (17924)
[2007-01-04 3:03]

....when i saw this last I couldn't write anything about the image for laughing.....perfect product placement and perfect note!! Gone fishin with me beer!! hahaha!

I've calmed down now....beautifully chosen POV.....all the important elements expertly captured within the frame!........but not even the beer would get me out there sitting still in that cold for long.....I'm a walker....I'd be off!!

bw Kev

Furachan (14110)
[2007-01-04 4:01]

Ice fishing, yes! I lived in Minnesota thropugh 8 winters, George, and the poele there are CRAZY, ya know what I mean? Beautiful "Pro" shot with emphasis on teh scared beer can. Love the touch of RED beyond.

luisafonso (10388)
[2007-01-04 4:22]

Dear sir,
I would like to inform you that your New Year's resolution has been refused by the creativity department. You'll still be able to take some rest in 2007 but as your signed contract states you will need to provide new gems in the months to come. And when we say new, we say masterpieces created between 01.01.2007 and 31.12.2007. Our HR department also wants to inform you that you have been moved from one of luisafonso's watch list to his Favorite section. You might think that this isn't a big deal as his membership in our organization is on the lowest level, but he takes the words very seriously and when he means Favorite he is really talking about Favoritism. That also means that you will receive a critique for every single post you make so please expect a lot of butt-kicking. So wake up and get you a** out of that chair. You can take the beer can.
Mrs. A [New Year's Resolution Acceptance Committee]

bantonbuju (37253)
[2007-01-04 6:03]

ciekawe, że twoje zdjęcia musze zawsze pooglądać na trzech rżnych monitorach/wyświetlaczach...i na kazdym ciutke co innego widac, a dzisiaj chyba na lampowym jest najciekawiej jesli chodzi o kolorystyke i kontrasty a przez to nastroj jaki stworzyles...
absolutne osamotnienie, pewna rezygnacja, moze troche nawet pustka jakas taka przenikajaca, ...
no i nie moglo zabraknac elementu czerwonego, no nie?
Bezmiar, ten kanadyjski bezmiar zawsze mnie intrygujacy, i te pustki...czy to u ciebie, czy u johna, czy u paula, zawsze jesli widze zdjecia spoza miast te ogromne przestrzenie dominuja...
to sie chyba nazywa "wolnosc", czy jakos tak ???
pozdr. j.

sabyasachi1212 (18917)
[2007-01-04 6:20]

Hi George,
It seems you were almost kneeling on that icy floor to get this one. Well thankfully you were 11 years younger then:) Beautiful composition, simple but very effective. The framing is impressive as well.
With Greetings from India

batalay (8423)
[2007-01-04 19:59]

Hi George,
A first rate composition, which like all your masterpieces has that open-endedness! It will instill diffferent emotions in different viewers. The colors are fabulous, and the beveled black mat is perfect to complement the image. Nothing short of sensational, and increasingly expected of you!.


PixelTerror (54104)
[2007-01-05 5:34]

Hi George, and happy new year !
NY resolution ??? Have beer(s) on a frozen lake ? Frankly speaking I doubt you'll be able to hold to it all year long, I mean for the frozen lake, not the beer(s) ;-))
Now forgetting about your resolutions and looking at the picture, actually we come here for that don't we, I do get a genuine Canadian Cold feeling from the ice, the reflected whites on the left and the cold sky, and that's highly enjoyable seen from tropical Europe...
Have a nice day,

marknunnerley (2012)
[2007-01-05 7:51]

Great one George,
forground can, middle man and background hut. The can is the clincher. Could be an advert for the drink. Keep up your new years resolution ;)

AnimeshRay (8130)
[2007-01-05 14:20]

Oooh...my teeth chatter just to look at this!! What a shot! Excellent low angle position of the take. You must have been lying on that ice! Fantastic color.

PJE (16661)
[2007-01-05 22:07]

Well George this seems to be a very typical winter signature photo for Eastern Canadians. Very nicely captured with the beer on ice. We Canadians like to keep our beer cold. But in the process we may have to sit on ice ourselves for a good part of the day! Excellent lighting here George!

Ber (3589)
[2007-01-06 10:39]

Coraz bardziej mi sie podbaja Twoje noty, nigdy nic im nie brakowalo ale im krotsze tym wieksze pole do popisu naszej osobistej interpetacji. Bardzo dobrze, ze glowa tego goscia wychodzi z kadru bo to oznacza ze moze wejsc gdzies jeszcze.. moze ktos poczuje ze to dotyczy to jego osobiscie. Ale czy kazde zdjecie musi miec "filozofie wyzsza"?
Nie wiem czy potrafilabym tak siedziec w miejscu.

prezntime (3645)
[2007-01-06 13:40]

And we would expect nothing else...

I want ice...
I want winter...
I want cold...
I want a beer...

It's 70 degrees F right now.

It doesn't appear to be a beer, but it could be!

I like the strong underexposure here, it adds to the cold atmosphere.


Henryk_Bilor (14984)
[2007-01-06 16:36]

Witaj Jerzy
Sliczny nastroj. Podoba mi sie kolorystyka, perspektywa. Swietnie widoczny poszarpany lod. No jedynie ta puszke bym wywalil :).

kensimage (6156)
[2007-01-07 0:03]

OK, it should've been a beer can instead of cola, but I really like how you featured it prominently, George--perfect POV! After all, that's how we most often interact with nature, with plenty of civilized comforts and as little true wildness as possible. I like the guy's body language, and the fact he's in silhouette. Great stuff. Regards, Ken.

capthaddock (24699)
[2007-01-07 14:07]

Hi George - haha, good one, nice angle, I have mixed feelings about the top being cut off, but then again, this is not really a portrait, so it's not bothersome. I once knew someone who worked with native communities in northern QC, she said even though it's a dry community, the locals would cash their paychecks on friday to buy Aqua Velva.

designsoul (20582)
[2007-01-07 22:36]

Haha, George, looks like an Aki Karousmaki film, very funny with this vantage point. To me the icing on the ice is the chair, that chair on which our fisherman reigns while the fish gulps the bait... superb vantage point and am already in full shiver (it will be snowing tonight) looking at the very icy blue of the sky. THis is a true gem, George, a fantastic work, poetry itself, though with a real whimsical overtone I love.
Fully powerful, again. This is surely one of your strongest works! :And funniest one :-)

Tezic (10931)
[2007-01-09 3:38]

Perfect composition... Extra great job.. Congratulations..

Luko (13211)
[2007-01-09 4:57]

Oooh... this is totally exotic to my own exotism...
As a warm water scuba diver, I have some plan in my mind to go diving in Russia's white sea in winter... they carry your equipment and tanks to the ice field with husky carts, then someone totally drunk cuts a hole in the ice with a chainsaw, sometimes losing a bunch of fingers with a burst of laugh, eventually the russian dive federation certified instructor gulps the whole bottle down and jumps into the hole and realizes he hasn't switched his air on or that he lost the Ariane line. There are about 50% chances on a good day a that he never finds the hole again before going out of air.. well, everything seems great natural fun, I'm so excited to do this...

I wonder what are your new year resolutions, George, stay sitting all year long, switching vodka for cola or going fishing?

Your blue sky is as cold as it gets. I wonder with this cold if your finger hasn't got stuck to the shutter button.

best of 2007, pal.

Manamo (1936)
[2007-01-11 20:31]

Shame on me, I missed this one...
the can is well placed here, it steals the show. What is at the wrong place is that circle on the ice, you see it on the right. This circle should be just under the can, as if it was its place, you see what I mean?
It's the same kind of cold you have posted before. The cold comes from the blue of the sky, the boots, the wool socks(typically canadian!!-I think...), the ice, the snow with shapes that shows it winds.
what is even better than all of this is how the man is placed. So cool and dispassionate at the same time...
It makes me think of those cold times when at the very moment you get out, your breath gets frozen in your nose.Yes those times are back here now, and I have to go walk the dog now:S
All the best to you,

starbug (6906)
[2007-01-14 10:14]

moje tez, od kilku lat, i co z tego...czy kiedykolwiek udalo ci sie realizowac noworoczne postanowienia? ale prawda, siedziec tak sobie z blekitnym niebem nad glowa, to marzenie ktore tu pokazujesz i moim jest...zmienilabym moze jedynie otoczenie na cieplejsze:-) cho, trzeba przyznac, ta pustka ktora lodowate obszary przenika ma w sobie cos przenikliwie spokojnego.
pozdrawiam Jurku:-)

nicoz (1519)
[2007-01-15 7:12]

Hi again,
The man looks bored like a fisherman. I always had some sort of fascination for fishermen. Waking up early, seating, waiting, catching a big fish, sometimes, going home eating it. It's just what life should be like. Except than when I think of it, my fisherman is usually in Tahiti, under a palm-tree eating a pinaple he just got from the very same tree he's seating under.
Freezing your moustache waiting for a flag to pop-up, this is crazy!!!
Cool compo!

coco (18655)
[2007-01-16 18:04]

Hi George.
I can see something special and different in your photos. They have your own signature.
And that's good, I like them.

This is a good exemple, with the lonely man in the middle of the ice. Then appear a cola, then his pose and that incredible light.
Why I like? I am not sure, but I like it very much.

Thanks for share.

hello_ishan (1098)
[2007-01-20 0:05]

Hi George,
Interesting shot; very nice presentation. I like your framework. The picture is more then enough to tell the story. Well done & tfs.


arturo (1477)
[2007-01-24 16:41]

Hi George,

it feels like being there, not only because it just decided to snow outside and for a change it got colder in the winter...but this beverage tin in the foreground adds this extra bit to your compo i like the most...a very laid back dude, judging only from his posture although fishing under ice must be a bore...unless one plans to capture a seal this way...thick sock he wears, omg!..cheers, arturo

mumek (13058)
[2007-02-01 15:03]

Kolorystyka fantastyczna i to cudowne swiatlo.
Ciekawy jestem czy cos zlapal. Raczej smutny chyba z powodu picia tylko coli.
Ja nosze szalik, Ty ubieraj nauszniczki i cieple butki.

sssimon (652)
[2007-02-10 0:48]

Hi Goeorge!
This is a beautiful picture! This is the kind of picture which I dont take because cutting the a part of the head is not something that I allow me. But, here, you prove that it is possible to do an ariginal POV. So I learn something interesting for me!

robertosalguero (10020)
[2007-02-16 0:04]

George some of your pictures are hard to comprehend, some have hidden messages, in general they are very good and always make think about things. This one is simple and more familiar. The hoser sitting on the ice and waiting for the fish to bite. The cold, frozen scene and the can of cola catching my attention is very good. Nice work George.


chicken (1969)
[2007-02-19 10:55]

And another story-picture. I like this one even more. Is that the canadian version of a mobile home in the background? :-)

bebep (1866)
[2007-02-23 21:21]

a hut, blue sky, ice, fresh drink, abundant fish = man in peace
this photo is exceptional
this photographer is exceptional

my dear George, you go straight among my preferred photographers



vagabondtravels (5245)
[2007-03-30 20:07]

Hi George

Great capture of daily life. Nice comp and colors. I really like the pov. haha just like my hometown in northern wisconsin. Well done.

krakowiak (3379)
[2007-05-18 6:39]

Dawno nie ogladalem Twoich zdjec, dzisiaj po powrocie z pracy bede musial nadrobic zaleglosci, bo widze ze pojawilo sie sporo unikalnie ciekawych fotografii. Kompozycja tego jest swietna, choc szkoda ze uciales fragment glowy..... ale pomysl na zdjecie i wykonanie sa pierwsza klasa!!!!

Pozdrawiam bardzo z Krakowa,

pascal-harbi (382)
[2007-10-17 9:12]

Hi George! Impressive composition and angle for this picture. Colors and composition match together for a refreshing ambiance! I didn't get the note though ;-)
Best regards,

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