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Im Jan from Sandnes, Norway and Im a constructions worker. I start to take pictures when I was 10 years old and get my first camera, who was I Kodak Instamatic 104. When I was 16 I buy my first SLR camera a Mamiya 1000 DTL whit a 50mm lens. This cameras I use quite a lot when I was young, and especially to pictures of my friends. Later when I get married I dont took so many pictures and I use had several compact cameras.

From the 1982 we begin to travel to Greece on holydays. Then I begin to take more pictures again, especially in the Cyclades and I buy better camera again. I get a Canon 100 EOS whit 28-80mm and 80-200mm zooms and a better compact camera to, a Yashica T4 and later T5. Now I use Canon EOS 1 VHS and Contaxt T3 as a compact camera. I still use film (feb. 2006), mostly Velvia 100F.

We continue to travel to Greece in our holydays. And I 1996 I begin to make a homepage at Internet who I call Island Strolling in Greece and then I really begin to pictures in Greece. From 2001 I have buy a lot of equipment and take even more photos, up to 2000 pictures on one holyday at 4 weeks.

I think almost 75% off all the pictures I have taken is taken in Greece. I still travel to Greece, there are so many new places to see and I think I will travel to Greece for the rest of my life. I really like the land and thats people!

You can see my homepage "A warm Welcome to Island Strolling in Greece!" whit a lot off photos at
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