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South Africa
I am South African born and passionate about photography for about 10 years now, glad to have discovered this site to learn and improve my work (and hopefully help others too).

I've spent the past two years living in the very rural and poorest area of my own country, previously known as the Transkei (apartheid-era homelands to the people of the isiXhosa culture, also birth land to our ex-president Nelson Mandela).

It has been a very interesting and fulfilling journey getting to know some of the people and a bit of their culture and language and on this platform I wish to share with you the photographs that depict my experience so you may be able to have a glimpse with me into this very special culture and people, otherwise so cut off from the rest of the world.

You are welcome to also follow my blog to learn more about my daily life here.

Looking forward to sharing and learning of different places and people in the world!

Please note that all my photographs are copyrighted Lavonne Bosman and MAY NOT BE USED outside of the TrekEarth website without my permission.
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