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I've worked in the television industry for the past 30+ years and have dabbled in film photos for years. Including a lot of table top print-ad shoots.

Digital photography has taken over, and I'm loving the flexibility that the digital format has brought to my shooting world. I have taken 35mm film/slides for a long time, but I always seem to miss the "perfect picture." I've never been formally trained as a photog and it's hitNmiss for me most of the time. I think the new digital cameras are finally coming of age as far as having quality lenses on an average camera. And with the availability of larger digital media cards we've now got the freedom of capturing a lot of shots vs the limitations of 35mm film.

I'm currently using a Minolta D'Image A1 (2004), (which has now broken in 2009) to explore the world with digital cameras and capturing a few moments. I'm looking forward to sharing what scenes I happen on to with others from around the world. :)


PS, I'm looking for a new digital camera to replace the DiImage as I can't rationalize spending 300 dollars to replace the image chip when the newer cameras have so many more features. I'm now using a point n shoot Nikon until I figure out what to buy. (The new Pentax is looking very nice)
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