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I am a new TE participant (Jan '05) and enjoy attempting to "find" images of people and places that in the first instance, appeal to me and hopefully others. I have been shooting for about fourteen years and still have a lot to learn. These days may partner Andrea and I primarily use a Canon EOS300D, though some of my earlier featured images where digitally scanned from Velvia and Kodachrome transparencies shot with EOS 630 & EOS 5 bodies. I use PhotoShop to make any minor adjustments.I have enjoyed browsing the work of others on TE and already sense a feeling of community and participation with helpful comments on the first few images that I have posted. I find that I visit the site a couple of times each day to see what is new and hope to post a few new images each week. Please feel free to comment, critique or, where appropriate, tell it like it is if you dislike any of these images. Workshops are also welcome.

Regards and happy image making in 2005!
Mark Johnson
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