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My name is Sebastian and I am a freelance photographer from Vienna, Austria. I have a background in painting and fine arts and work as a travel guide (by the way - visit us at - we're friendly and knowledgeable and we rarely bite), so that should give you an idea why I found this site appealing. I think photography is a way of living and being aware and, even though it's a visual art, I like to try to make things that are usually invisible visible in images. Human interplay, with each other and with nature, people observed against the backdrop of their own culture and get the idea. Enjoy my images just as I'll enjoy yours :)

Since spring 2011 I tour through Austria with a photoshow of Northern India and the Western Himalaya, where I've been traveling for several months. I cherish the opportunity to show the beauty of unknown corners of the world as well as the chance to make people aware of wider connections and the challenges in places they know little to nothing about.

I run a blog - - about India, Asia and hopefully other destinations in the future.
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