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I was born in 1965 in Munster (Alsace) and always lives in the valley to which I am attached.
I can say that I am almost initial in photography.
I began the photograph very early with the camera from my father and in 1990 I bought a Olympus OM101 with which I made especially slides. In December 2003 I acquired my first numerical, Konica KD-3300 with which I take already more pleasure with the photograph. It is so easy to be able to visualize its shots as soon as one returns at home.
But it is at the beginning of 2006 which the virus reaches me, which coincides with the purchase of my Nikon D70s of which I dreamed for a certain time.
Now, thanks to this site, I am impassioned still a little more. There are so many beautiful pictures and pleasent people with whom to share my passion.
I am also fascinated of motorsport, and mountain bike which I practise in our beautiful Vosgean mountains.
You will also find others of my pictures on TN : TrekNature
and on TL : TrekLens
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Konica KD-3300, Nikon D70s

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