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Photoshop CS3

I am very impressed with this new version of Photoshop. I only use a fraction of the power of this program but what I can see already is the black and white conversions are much better than in the past. If you duplicate the background color layer and convert Layer 1 to black and white using the icon on the layers palate you will have options of various filters. These filters act like the old filters we used in black and white film photography years ago. There are also fine adjustment sliders which can change the look of the picture even more.

I have been combining HDR images with the use of these black and white options and like the results. The HDR brings out more detail than a normal picture so there is more to work with.

The HDR image can be stitched the same way a normal image is stitched.

In stitching images the key is taking the pictures properly. If you follow these steps, Photoshop should be able to automatically stitch the images.

1. Use a tripod. It helps to have a good one. It also helps to take the picture without a lot of wind.
2. Take a test shot and focus on the main part of the scene. If the shot looks good, change the focus to manual, White Balance to manual, ISO to manual. If you are using a zoom lens, make sure you don't change the zoom during the next step.
3. Now that the camera is set to all manual settings including exposure and Fstop, take the shots of the panoramic scene with a 20% overlap.
4. Using RAW settings, adjust all the pictures the same way.
5. Save each section as a Tiff.
6. Go into Photoshop. File Automate Photomerge. Select the various shots and click OK.
7. Photoshop should do the rest. If there were no objects moving in the scene it should be perfect.

Good luck.
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