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Outstretched Fingers
Outstretched Fingers (4)
Trip Date:2005-12-22 - 2006-01-31
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Countries visited:Indonesia
I took a trip to Jakarta, Indonesia over the holiday break. Although I'm putting this travelogue together as a postscript, I hope to convey as much sense of actually being there as possible.

This was my second trip to Jakarta, Indonesia. The first time I went, it was only for a couple days to visit my fiancee's family and I had not started taking photography seriously. This time, even though it was again primarily a personal trip, I tried to incorporate as much of my camera into the trip as possible. So here's my first venture into serious travel photography. I hope you like it, enjoy it, and will learn something from it. As always, please add you comments and critiques.

Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. Located on the Northwest end of Java, one of the over 17,000 volcanic islands that make up the Indonesian archipelago, Jakarta is home to more than 10 million residents. Jakarta is a city of opposing faces. More to come...