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Labro II
Labro II (68)
Trip Date:2007-05-20
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Countries visited:Italy
Labro looks out over an important road at the bottom of the valley that connected Leonessa with the Terni basin over a landscape that still today is fascinating, characterized by the Rieti mountains northeast and by the Piediluco Lake west, on which there is an imposing albornozian fortress from the 1300s.

During the mid XII century, because of the Norman expansion, the Nobili family from Labro gave a quarter of the towns of: Labro, Moggio, Morro and Apoleggia to San Giovanni in Laterano. The donation was at the beginning of a long controversy between Berardo from Labro and the Chapter House of that Roman basilica. The castle was then enclosed (late XIII century) in the Rieti territory and then during the course of the 1500s, the castle was ceded to the Vitelleschi family. .

The basic structure of the present day building goes back to the mid XIV century, when the castle, too big and difficult to defend, was leveled to the ground. About forty homes were reconstructed one up against the other in order to increase their defense. It is calculated that the population might have been about 200 people. The Vitelleschi family later transformed the XV century residence into a splendid baronial palace, often reorganizing and restoring it.

In order to get to Labro, you take the S.S. Ternana road from Rieti up to the locality of Ponte Crispolti and you continue along the road for 5 km, following the indications for Terni and Labro. The road exit for Labro will be on the right.

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