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Niger Sunset
Niger Sunset (30)
Trip Date:2002-07 - 2002-08
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Countries visited:Mali
We usually travel alone, but for this trip we invited a friend to come along. Our special mission was to deliver a set of picture prints to a musician in Bamako, who had helped a famous Belgian photographer when in Mali. The pictures were published in Dieter Telemans, Everybody sa sa: heart of dance.

Highlights included:
- joining a wedding party in Bamako on only the second night of the trip
- eating with our hands
- greeting all the uncles of our friend in Bamako
- facing the heat of the open air furnace at Kalabougou
- going on a seven day walkabout in Dogon country, fantastic local guide
- listening to all those local stories, myths and legends
- experiencing the joy of drinking that first cold beer in a week
- relaxing during a three day boat trip from Mopti to Djenn, terribly slow, except for the last stage when we were caught speeding in a storm
- having the great Bouba Sacko play guitar just for us in a small hut with the rain pouring down outside
- a final night out with the musicians in Bamako

...and meeting all those wonderful and generous people of Mali.