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Trip Date:2008-12
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The question was spontaneous and my decision impulsive. The decision was to explore Coorg & to do a lot of work on the way (or so we thought). My impulse led me right. Accompanied by the Fonseca family, Mr.Deo and myself, the Matsyagandha Express made it's way towards Mangalore. And then came dinner-I think we stole the meal of an elephant, what with rasam & curd rice! Not to mention the number of starters we had-phew! We made it to Manglore at 8am the next day & proceeded straight towards the first Idlies of the day. At the end of a smooth but winding Sumo journey we were at the Kabinakad junction in Coorg.

A wild 4x4 jeep ride for 3kms and we were in paradise itself, 'The Honey Valley Estate'.
Set up by the Chengappa family it is splendidly isolated. Soon at the estate I realized that time can be at a standstill but yet move on eternally. Uncle, aunty and Sharad have brought up the place with great warmth and it shows in the way they have nurtured the place over the years with undying love & hardwork. I thoroughly enjoyed every meal at Honey Valley, which would be authentic South Indian cuisines with the various aromas of the region's spices. Post lunch I tucked myself away in my cosy little room until our first walk to the dry pond that evening. The scene set for us, was that of endless mountain ranges, a number of ridges of grassy & forest clad slopes rising to the sky. We spoke of Walt Disney here.

Gearing up for our trek to Tadiyendamol the next day, I started my day with an invigorating warm-up walk by the end of which i had my belly rumbling and pleading for a heavy but sumptuous breakfast. We chose 'Route F' from the pond. The landscape didn't stop fascinating me for even a moment. A number of streams came our way-they offered us their cool & clear waters. Mid way we were joined by a British couple, Julliet(74) & Brian(77), their zest towards life & enthusiasm in every step was contagious. Rutha & Umesh, another couple also chose to tag along. We made it to the base camp by 2pm, with few chances to attempt the climb, sad but hungry we munched on assorted biscuits & sandwiches. From a distance we were picked up by Ganesh and his jeep. We soon had dinner and then spoke till 2am. Here I learnt that people are good & every journey reveals another.

As we sat on the verandah outside our rooms, 'Route D' called out to us a new trek began. The rustling leaves & the pristine beauty around seemed to have taken away all the tiredness from the previous day. This route is not very dramatic but as we walked we found symphonies amongst the trees. We sat by a small stream and watched the insects play in the water. Our conversations having no end were beautiful. On our way back, I saw a breathtaking view that of the valley, distant hills with a small house nestled in the forests (I wished it was my own), a moon up in the pink sky.

My camera was too inert to capture this scene unfold in front of us. It was very much like a dream sequence. Underneath the canopy of the dense evergreen trees, nature conjured a miracle. The sails were about to change the course the wind already had.

In all things of nature, I found there is something marvelous-every moment seemed splendid and I found the best of me in the hills.